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Tri-Loco Louisville

Nestled in Kentucky, Tri-Loco's Louisville chapter is a testament to shared passion and camaraderie. Established in 2017 to unite local athletes, this branch thrives on the values of inclusivity and genuine connection. With a track record of achievements, community initiatives, and vibrant energy, it's a force within the Tri-Loco family. Upholding the club's ethos, the chapter prioritizes every member's value, promoting relationships beyond the racecourse through social events and engagements. Led by President Lilly Campbell, the chapter overcomes challenges with determination, aligning with the Tri-Loco spirit of unity. More than a triathlon club, Tri-Loco Louisville exemplifies the enduring impact of a tight-knit community on the journey of every athlete.

Chapter president - Lilly Campbell

Meet Lilly Campbell, the driving force behind Tri-Loco's Louisville chapter. Her journey from a half marathon to becoming the chapter's president embodies inspiration, growth, and the creation of a dynamic community. Back in 2017, Lilly's running adventure led her to connect with a group of inspiring athletes from Tri-Loco during a half marathon. Drawn by their vibrant spirit and inclusive atmosphere, she knew she had found her tribe. Her unwavering commitment to showing love, passion, and respect for fellow athletes led her to embrace the role she holds today.

Lilly's athletic evolution is noteworthy, transitioning from a hurdler to an endurance athlete. A former college hurdler and record holder for the 60m hurdle at Centre College, she delved into longer distances after her first mini marathon in 2017. Triumphs followed, like conquering 5 x 70.3s and achieving Sub-5 club status. Notable accolades include being the 2022 KY state champ runner-up and numerous podium finishes. Eager to take on new challenges, she is now embracing gravel triathlons as her primary discipline.

As Tri-Loco Louisville's president, Lilly's mission centers around inclusivity – the heartbeat of the chapter. Every member's value is a priority as she fosters a sense of belonging, reflecting the welcoming spirit that drew her in. Beyond the racecourse, Lilly unites people through shared experiences off the track, nurturing bonds that go beyond athletic achievements.

Lilly Campbell's commitment to Tri-Loco is a living testament to the transformative power of community, inspiration, and her genuine love for the sport. Her journey from a fortuitous encounter during a half marathon to leading a dynamic chapter illustrates the profound impact that a supportive community can have on an individual's life. Lilly not only leads Tri-Loco Louisville, but she leads with authenticity, fostering unity, growth, and celebration within the vibrant Tri-Loco family.

Meet the Team

Louisville Chapter Team Ambassadors

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